Mixed Reality (25)

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  • Privacy
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  • Transparency and Explainability
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  • 11 min
  • Kinolab
  • 1993
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Interface: The Virtual Extension of the Self

Geordie uses a brain-computer interface, which projects his consciousness into a mobile avatar controlled by his neural impulses, to explore distant ships. This humanoid avatar is able to perform tasks that go beyond human capabilities, such as shooting phaser beams from the hands. However, upon discovering the dead crew of the Raman, it is revealed that the lines separating his virtual reality and true reality are blurred.

  • Kinolab
  • 1993
  • 9 min
  • Kinolab
  • 2013
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Dangers of Digital Commodification

In the world of this film, Robin Wright plays a fictional version of herself who has allowed herself to be digitized by the film company Miramount Studios in order to be entered into many films without having to actually act in them, becoming digitally immortal in a sense. Once she enters a hallucinogenic mixed reality known as Abrahama City, she agrees to renew the contract with Miramount studios under the panic of her declining mental health and sense of autonomy. This renewed contract will not only allow movies starring her digital likeness to be made, but will also allow people to appear as her.

  • Kinolab
  • 2013
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