Mixed Reality (25)

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  • 1982
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Cyberspace and Internet Imaginations: “Burning Chrome” by William Gibson

Hardware specialist Automatic Jack is roped into a dangerous hacking scheme with his partner Bobby Quine while they compete for the affections of Rikki. Their plan is to use deadly malware to infiltrate the protections of Chrome, a mysterious overlord of cyberspace who hoards massive amounts of wealth. They enact this plan by entering cyberspace within a program and visualizing the data held within this digital network which connects people all across the globe.

  • 1982
  • 5 min
  • Kinolab
  • 2013
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Removed from Reality

Actress Robin Wright plays a fictionalized version of herself who traverses through both the real world and the mixed reality of Abrahama city in this narrative. As Miramount Studio animator Dylan explains to her, the rules of the mixed reality allow people to appear as an avatar which they please, editing their human features into more imaginative ones. With this capability, many people choose to remain in the mixed reality permanently, leaving the real world in a grim stupor.

  • Kinolab
  • 2013
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