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  • 2020
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How AI can help shatter barriers to equality

Jamila Gordon, an AI activist and the CEO and founder of Lumachain, tells her story as a refugee from Ethiopia to illuminate the great strokes of luck that eventually brought her to her important position in the global tech industry. This makes the strong case for introducing AI into the workplace, as approaches using computer vision can lead to greater safety and machine learning can be applied to help those who may speak a language not dominant in that workplace or culture train and acclimate more effectively.

  • TED
  • 2020
  • 13 min
  • Danielle Citron
  • 2019
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How deepfakes undermine truth and threaten democracy

The use of deepfake technology to manipulate video and audio for malicious purposes — whether it’s to stoke violence or defame politicians and journalists — is becoming a real threat. As these tools become more accessible and their products more realistic, how will they shape what we believe about the world? In a portentous talk, law professor Danielle Citron reveals how deepfakes magnify our distrust — and suggests approaches to safeguarding the truth.
Discussion Questions:

What are some of the possible uses for video and audio deepfakes?
What is trust? How do we normally verify information we receive?
How does this type of technology erode trust in existing systems of accountability in society?
Can you think of any possible positive uses of this technology?

  • Danielle Citron
  • 2019