Historical and Cultural Heritage Technologies (2)

Use of technology to preserve history and the past in digital form.

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  • Kinolab
  • 1993
image description
Technological Revival of the Past

Dinosaurs are an extinct species that are revived and brought into the modern day in Jurassic Park. This is accomplished through a cloning process involving extracting dinosaur DNA from mosquitos preserved in amber, and using computational genomics to create replicants with certain properties, such as breeding only female dinosaurs. Three scientists are sent to audit the park, and all three find problems inherent with the use of technology in attempts to control life itself. Eventually, the park’s founder, John Hammond, admits that his idea to create entertainment out of this dangerous technological revival was a failure, which is seen in action during the subsequent dinosaur attack.

  • Kinolab
  • 1993
  • 5 min
  • Indie Wire
  • 2021
image description
How Black Storytellers Are Using XR and Afro-Futurism to Explore Ancestral Identity

New virtual exhibits displayed through Web XR, or Extended Reality available over the network of internet browsers, allow Black artists and creators to present ancestral knowledge and stories while providing a new basis on which AI could be trained. This use of AI leads to an imagination free of colonial or racist constructs that may otherwise be present in digital media.

  • Indie Wire
  • 2021