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  • Wired
  • 2019
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On TikTok, Teens Meme the Safety App Ruining Their Summer

Tracking technology used by parents to check on their children raises concerns regarding privacy and independence. Data on location and driving metrics also prove valuable for companies and advertisers.

  • Wired
  • 2019
  • 8 min
  • Kinolab
  • 2016
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Social Media Trends and Hive Mind Justice

In this extreme imagination of social media, detectives Karin Parke and Blue Coulson try to discover the correlation between two recent deaths. They first interrogate a teacher who posted “#DeathTo @JoPowersWriter” along with a photo of controversial journalist Jo Powers on the day before Jo was found dead. The teacher discusses the popularity of this message and the hashtag, sharing that an entire online community split the cost of sending Jo a hateful message on a cake. Later on, the detectives discover that these deaths were determined by bots and the trending of the #DeathTo, and that whichever name had the most hits under this hashtag were hunted down and killed by a mysterious force.

  • Kinolab
  • 2016
  • 6 min
  • Kinolab
  • 2019
image description
Ride-Hailing Hazards

Chris is a driver at an Uber-esque company with a great amount of anxiety and disdain for the widespread addiction to smartphones. He inexplicably waits outside the same building every day to pick up clients. One day, he finally proceeds with a dastardly plan.

  • Kinolab
  • 2019