Digital Activism (8)

Application of digital technologies to further citizens manifestations and public participation. Sometimes it may be related to resistance movements.

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  • Gizmodo
  • 2021
image description
Bots Reportedly Helped Fuel GameStonks Hype on Facebook, Twitter, and Other Platforms

Thorough investigation led to the conclusion that bots played a role in the economic disruption of GameStop stocks in early 2021. Essentially, the automated accounts aided in the diffusion of materials promoting the purchase and maintenance of GameStop stocks as a ploy to act as a check on wealthy hedge fund managers who bet that the stock would crash. The wholistic effect of these bots in this specific campaign, and thus a measure of how bots may generally be used to cause economic disruption in online markets through interaction with humans, remains hard to read.

  • Gizmodo
  • 2021
  • 5 min
  • CNET
  • 2019
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Demonstrators scan public faces in DC to show lack of facial recognition laws

Fight for the Future, a digital activist group, used Amazon’s Rekognition facial recognition software to scan faces on the street in Washington DC to show that there should be more guardrails on the use of this type of technology, before it is deployed for ends which violate human rights such as identifying peaceful protestors.

  • CNET
  • 2019