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  • Kinolab
  • 1997
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Technology Versus Religious Fanaticism

Dr. Ellie Arroway is a scientist who has been chosen to make contact with the first confirmed extraterrestrial life. However, as contact with the start system Vega advances, religious fanatics and other extremist groups prepare for the moment of interaction. This moment in the film juxtaposes how Ellie, an atheist scientist, only looks forward to the scientific progress toward extraterrestrial contact while others, including the religious extremists, fear it. In general, this clip explores how technology can have diverse social impact and the hysteria that it can foster as it shatters preconceived notions. Later, one such religious terrorist sabotages the transport of Dr. Drumlin in the new machine through a suicide bombing, killing them both.

  • Kinolab
  • 1997